Frequently Asked Moving Questions:

1. What materials do your movers bring?

Our movers arrive to every job with at least two handtrucks, one fourwheel dolly, furniture pads, packaging tape, shrink wrap, general tools, securing straps, and floor runners. If any additional materials will be needed such as boxes for packing or bubble wrap for fragile items please let our office representative know when you book your move so we may bring these additional materials.

2. How long will my movers take?

This is a tricky question as there are SO many variables to moving. Some things to think about: Are there a lot of stairs at your old/new home? Are there any elevators involved? Will the elevators be reserved / locked down for the movers? Is there a long carry/walk from the truck to the home or vice versa? Will your movers be disassembling / reassembling furniture? Will your movers be packing? These are all things to consider when trying to calculate roughly the amount of time it should take and it is important to understand that although our movers are some of the best in the business, moving does take time.

Of the above topics the two most time consuming and unpredictable variables are packing and elevators. Packing is more time consuming than actually moving and though you may not have a lot of furniture, packing a fully stocked kitchen into boxes can take 2-3 hours by itself. If your move requires any packing or elevators we recommend adding an extra mover to your job as it will help offset the amount of time your move takes.

While taking all of this into consideration we assure you that pack my truck movers are ready to tackle just about any problem they face and will show up to your job ready to work hard. The movers are there to make sure your move happens as quickly, efficiently and as safely as possible. If you have any questions about your move or how many movers you will need, give us a call and our office representative will gladly help figure out the best game plan for your move.

3. Is there a minimum charge?

Yes. For all standard moves (i.e. not 'hotshot' moves) there is a minimum charge of two hours.

4. Is there a travel charge?

Yes. The travel charge is the greater of either $25 dollars or $0.99 a mile traveled to and from your jobsite(s), along with any driving performed during your job, from our Portland wearhouse located within the 97217 area code. This charge is to help cover our vehicle related expenses like gas, insurance, and maintenance. We favor this model versus other common competitor models where customers are often charged hourly from the time they leave their wearhouse to the time they get back. We have found that model to be flawed with inconsistency. Who wants to pay $105/hr for three movers to sit in traffic?

Here are a few example senarios of how our travel charge would work:

SENARIO ONE: Say we are coming to your house to help you unload a truck. Your job therefore only has one jobsite. If that jobsite is 14 miles away from us the total travel charge would amount to $27.72 ($13.86 there and $13.86 back from the one location).

SENARIO TWO: Now say that we are helping you load a truck at your old place, and unload it at your new place. This senario job has two jobsites. So if your first jobsite is 10 miles away from our wearhouse, and your second jobsite is 7 miles away from the first and 10 miles away from our wearhouse, your total travel charge would amount to $26.73 or $0.99/mi for the 27 miles traveled to complete the job.

The travel charge is always calculated for you and collected before your move date.

5. Is there a booking fee?

There is not a fee to book your appointment. We do however collect the travel charge during the booking process. The travel charge is refundable if you cancel your appointment at least 48 hours prior to your move date.

6. If I need help packing, do I need to provide my own supplies?

This is totally up to you. We are more than happy to provide everything you need for your move. Just let our office representative know ahead of your move date so that we know what to bring to the job. However if you have your own materials that you would like us to use we can definitely do that for you as well.

7. Will your movers drive my truck for me?

No. We are not insured to drive any vehicles that are not ours.

8. Do I need to tip my movers?

As with all tipping, it is at your discretion. However, moving is hard work and any gratuity is always appreciated by your movers. If you choose to do so, a typical amount is the standard service industry rate of 15-20% of your bill, divided up between all of your movers equally. For example if your bill comes to $375 and you had 3 movers, a range of $56-$75 divided equally between your 3 movers would be appropriate. If you choose to tip on the card, know that 100% of the tip will go to the movers who serviced you.

9. Do you move pianos?

We will move upright pianos, digital pianos, and console pianos.We will not move baby grand pianos or grand pianos. Pianos are a specialty item and we respect that. That is why there are companies dedicated to only moving pianos. Piano movers generally offer more comprehensive insurance for your piano and will often offer a free tuning service when you move your piano through them. Note that depending on the complexity of the move, your piano may be subject to our heavy item stair fee. See Question #9 for more details.

10. Is there an extra charge to move heavy items? (items weighing in at 250 lbs or more)

The only time there will be an additional charge to move an item weighing 250 pounds or more is if moved up or down more than 5 stairs per destination. If this is the case, this item will be subject to our heavy item stair fee ; If a heavy item is to be moved up more than 5 stairs, each additional stair will incur an additional $4 charge. For example if we are moving your upright piano up or down 15 stairs, you will be charged $4 per stair for 10 stairs(the first 5 are free) and thus incur an additional charge of $40 for the heavy item. If there are no stairs to overcome with the item, there will be no additional charge. This fee only applies to heavy items weighing 250 pounds or more.

11. Do you provide insurance for my items?

It is our top priority to execute damage free moves. However, on the rare occasion that we damage an item, we do offer standard released value protection insurance which provides for $.60 per pound per article. This means if a 100 lb dresser breaks you will recieve the lesser of $60 or the cost to repair the damage. This insurance comes free with all of our moves. This insurance only covers your items while we are moving them and not during transit. However, many customers are also surprised to find out their home owners insurance or rental insurance may also cover their items while moving. If you wish to seek additional insurance we also recommend checking out

12. Do you hook up / disconnect appliances?

Your movers will not hook up or disconnect any appliances as it poses a liability issue in case something goes wrong.

13. Will my movers mount / unmount my TV?

Your movers will gladly help you unmount your tv off of the wall mount if the job requires standard household tools and is fairly straight forward. We however will not mount your tv or its wall mount in your new home.